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A Difference-Making Tweak

In today’s Options Jam Session, I discussed the mixed signals that the broader indexes, semiconductors, and $VIX are sending.

If nothing else, the current market environment is offering up some small warning signals that perhaps we’re due for some “digestion.”

Regardless, the practice of raising stops following strength in our trades is a best practice I’ve engaged in more and more lately. And in environments like this, it could be the difference between being a net winner versus a net loser.

It’s a little tweak, but the importance of it cannot be overstated. I make a practice of reviewing and updating stops at least once per week in my swing trade portfolio. This subtle practice has definitely helped improve my results in 2024.

I discuss all this and more in today’s video. Enjoy!

Trade ’em Well,

Sean McLaughlin
Chief Options Strategist
All Star Charts, Technical Analysis Research

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