AI: Video discussions on AI trends. RTZ #375

AI: Video discussions on AI trends. RTZ #375

The Bigger Picture, Sunday June 1, 2024

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had an opportunity to speak on topics around the AI Tech Wave, at public venues and as a guest on podcasts. I found these occasions to be a highly useful exercise, engaging with folks on their actual thoughts, questions, and interests around AI matters. Especially halfway through 2024, a busy year for AI as predicted.

It’s one thing to be able to write about these topics daily here on AI: Reset to Zero for over a year now. But a different thing entirely to interact with folks real-time on their queries and curiosities. It allowed me to better see the ‘Bigger Picture’ on AI, in terms of live questions on people’s minds. This Sunday, I thought I’d share some of these recent video discussions as this week’s AI ‘Bigger Picture’.

Up first, I’d like to start with a fireside discussion (38 minutes) with my friend Howard Lindzon, a long time VC, entrepreneur, tech luminary and showman with a unique senseo of humor, at his investor conference in Scottsdale, Arizona a few weeks ago. The discussion centered around the current state of AI technologies, up and down the AI tech stack below, that I’ve discussed in these pages for some time now.

In particular Howard’s questions centered around the current ‘winners’ in the AI Infrastructure gold rush like Nvidia, Microsoft/OpenAI, Google, Meta, Amazon and others. Also of course discussions on opportunities for companies like Apple that have yet to exhibit their full hand at the AI table, a subject I’ve visited in detail in recent days. The discussion also was an opportunity to field questions from the smart entrepreneurs and investors in the audience. Would encourage a watch and listen at your convenience. And of course subscribe to Howard’s online output.

I also had an opportunity a few weeks prior, to be a guest (Episode 50), on Howard’s must watch and subscribe podcast “Trends with Friends”. There he discusses tech and financial matters with his long-time friends JC Parets, who has an active X/Twitter presence, and Phil Pearlman, who also has a lively presence on X/Twitter. On that show we discussed AI, Apple Vision Pro, and other current tech and financial industry events. Some of the AI/tech topics we discussed there include:

  • The capabilities and potential of the Apple Vision Pro •

  • The impact of AI on the finance industry •

  • Why AI prompting is such an important skill •

  • How Google Gemini is consolidating AI efforts and may offer new opportunities

And a lot more.

Up next for your viewing/listening pleasure on this Sunday’s ‘Bigger Picture’, I’d like to highlight a very wide-ranging AI discussion (1 hour 52 minutes) with Wealth manager Ram Ahluwalia, CFA of Lumida Wealth.

Ram also has a must subscriber to X/Twitter presence, and of course his Lumida Wealth Youtube podcast, where he regularly discusses tech and financial topics with topical guests.

In this discussion, titled ‘Winners & Losers in the AI Race”, we covered a wide range of AI investments trends and issues, including of course Nvidia, the race for AI data center infrastructure and other matters. In particular, we dove into the ‘Hype vs Progress’ around the future of ‘Full Self Driving’ (FSD), a challenging issue for AI technologies I’ve written about in other posts.

For those wanting the highglihts in shorter video bites, there’s this other option. Ram and I also had good exchanges around AI Geopolitics, AI GPU chip supplies, AI spousal and dating ‘micro-therapy’ via Airpods, AI ads with ‘Smart Agents’, and of course looking at ‘Where’s the money’ for AI investors.

All these are in YouTube shorts, so will take a few seconds each to digest. There’s also a good X/Twitter thread on these shorts snippets with additional topics that may be interest as well.

Finally, I had a chat on “AI Rising” (10 minutes) with Richard Lander of Citywire of London a few weeks ago, that may also be of interest. There we talked about AI’s “full effect coming in the next 3-5 years”.

Thanks again Howard Lindzon, Ram Ahluwalia, and Richard Lander for these video AI exchanges and deliberations.

These are but a few video discussions on AI matters for your Sunday viewing. Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow here on AI: RTZ. Stay tuned.

(NOTE: The discussions here are for information purposes only, and not meant as investment advice at any time. Thanks for joining us here)

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