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Apple Down Half a Trillion

What was once the world’s largest company by market-cap has lost half a trillion dollars in value, in what feels like a split of a second.

Boy was that was fast.

Half a Trilly. Gone. Just like that.

So just to put things in perspective, for those of you who might not realize how much money that amounts to, there are only 13 companies on the planet worth over half a trillion dollars.

Apple lost half a trillion in value in just a few months.

Here it is making new 28-month lows today relative to the S&P500:

Just think about how bad Apple has done with the stock market going up….

Imagine how it will do when the market is not going up.

Sure, Apple can make a come back.

That is certainly possible.

I’ve personally been betting on the exact opposite of course, and I still think it goes lower.

We’ll be discussing this trade in more detail this coming Monday during our LIVE Monthly Strategy Session.

This Apple trade keeps working. And there are more of these opportunities that we’ll be discussing.

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The bottom line is this: It is 2024.

There are different things working in this environment that weren’t necessarily working in 2023.

Energy is a leader, for example. That’s new.

We discussed it all here earlier today.

And the rotation continues elsewhere.

Look no further than the memecoin Dog Wif Hat, which just closed at a new all-time high today, exceeding $3 Billion in market capitalization:

In addition to Dog Wif Hat, Pepe, Floki, Jeo Boden and others, you’re also seeing it in the public markets

The Trump SPAC finally completed, making new multi-year highs today.

This is the ultimate meme.

A community of individuals with common cultural beliefs willed this into being true.

And it worked.

You can say the same thing about GameStop a few years ago.

Dogecoin is still $26 Billion. Shiba Inu is $17 Billion.

These meme trades are working.

Reddit just came public. Do you think that’s a coincidence?

This is where many of these communities live and thrive.

And the IPO is working.

It also has a liquid options market that we’ll be discussing this Thursday at Sean’s Options Bootcamp.

For every scenario, there is the ideal trade.

And Reddit is now on the list of possibilities, Ticker $RDDT.

We’ll discuss them all on Thursday. I’ll be there too!

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