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CEO Girsky Buys 1 Million NKLA Shares

From the Desk of Steve Strazza and Alfonso Depablos

The most significant insider buy on today’s list comes via a Form 4 filing by the CEO of Nikola Corporation $NKLA, Stephen J. Girsky.

Girsky reported the acquisition of 1 million NKLA shares for approximately $0.54 per share, paying a total amount of $540,000.

Here’s The Hot Corner, with data through May 20, 2024:

Director Alan N. Patterson revealed a purchase of $352,109 in Hamilton Insurance Group Ltd $HG in its latest Form 4.

Limbach Holdings $LMB CEO Michael C. McCann also reported a purchase of his own company’s stock.

Stay tuned. We’ll be back on Wednesday with more insider activity.

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