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Dow Negative Rolling 4-Month Returns

The world’s most important stock market index hasn’t been able to make any progress at all since early February.

Look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average the past 4 months.

The returns are non-existent:

Meanwhile, the S&P500 managed to close last week at a new record high.

This was the highest weekly close in the history of the S&P500.

But do you know how many stocks on the NYSE were actually able to make a new 52-week high last week?


Yes that’s right. 33.

That means that less than 1.4% of stocks on the world’s most important stock exchange were able to make a new high during a week where the S&P500 closed at its highest price ever.

At what point does the lack of participation in the United States resolve itself?

Look at the percentage of stocks in each sector that are making new highs, using a variety of timeframes:

There are none.

So where are the new highs going to come from?

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When Big Investors Buy

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