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Let’s Find The Next $100B Company

Years ago my friend Howard Lindzon calls me and says, “JC we need to find the next $100 Billion company”.

And of course I respond with, “Hell yea we do!”

“But wait. How do we do that?”

He laughed and told me to get with my team of analysts and figure it out.

So we did.

We reversed engineered what it would take for a company to be able to scale to $100 Billion in market capitalization.

First of all, we eliminated the stocks in sectors and industry groups that can’t scale very quickly to $100B. So you won’t find any Utilities stocks or Consumer Staples, for example.

You’re going to find a lot of names in Technology, Consumer, Medical Devices, Biotech, Internet and other High Growth areas that can actually scale to $100 Billion.

We also only look for stocks between $2 Billion – $30 Billion, so we can at least catch a triple before they achieve that $100 Billion status.

Here is the current list:

We’ve refined and refined this process over the years to make it almost impossible for the next $100 Billion company to NOT come from this list.

We’ve seen so many huge winners come from our 2-to-100 Club over the years, and Howard gets the credit for this idea.

We’ll take the credit for the execution, but it was Howard’s idea from the start.

We run this scan every 2 weeks and update the names. We sort them in different ways, depending on the market environment. But as you can see above, this week’s 2-to-100 Club is sorted by relative strength.

Check out the full 2-to-100 Club report here and our 3 favorite trades.

And if you’re not already a Premium Member of ASC, you can get set up here RISK FREE or just contact Mary directly if you have any questions +1 (323) 421-7910


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