Life On Coronado And The Hotel Del…And Stocktoberfest Is Back Oct 20-22 On Coronado At The Del

Life On Coronado And The Hotel Del…And Stocktoberfest Is Back Oct 20-22 On Coronado At The Del

Good afternoon…

I got A LOT of great feedback from people that read the newsletter and am digesting it. Thanks so much.

I’ll share how I plan to change things up soon.

Most people do not want me to change anything and so for now, nothing changes.

I like to write daily and I will write about what I feel like writing about.


I am getting into my Coronado routine which is my favorite routine.

A few days ago I went for my typical three mile run on the Coronado Beach. It is the same run I have been doing since 2009. It never gets boring. For the first time I can remember, there was a CRANE on the island.

The Hotel Del is under renovation!

In 2015 Blackstone bought the hotel. You can read/see the details and the refinancings and history of the hotel and incredible property here.

For decades, private equity firms had been trading the hotel to each other and ripping out as much cash out of the hotel as they could without improving the hotel at all.

I would marvel at the stupidity of people overpaying for a crap hotel with crazy expensive food and beverages.

Something finally broke though and in 2020 and it made mathematical sense for Blackstone to actually start spending money improving the hotel and grounds. I am sure they pillaged the town, city and state for concessions, but as a resident a few blocks away, I count it as a win.

By this fall, The Del will have been completely renovated and upgraded with great restaurants and rooms.

As luck would have it, I am excited to be bringing back Stocktoberfest to Coronado and The Del this October 20-22. We ran this conference in the early Stocktwits years. It will be limited to 250 people and the website will be live next week for people to buy tickets and book rooms.

Stocktoberfest 2024

Have a great Friday.

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