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Most New Highs In Years

You want to talk about broadening participation in this bull market?

Here you go.

This week we saw more countries around the world hitting new 52-week highs than we’ve seen in years.

This isn’t just a Tech thing. This isn’t even just a U.S. thing.

This is a stocks thing, as stocks all over the world continue to march higher.

I said it this week and I’ll say it again: There are more opportunities from the long side today than we’ve seen since October, and arguably even longer than that.

As Tech cooled off the past few months, other sectors took the lead.

Even Consumer Staples and Utilities have been ripping.

And if it was just Consumer Staples and Utilities doing well, that would be one thing.

But Financials and Industrials held in there pretty well too.

In fact, the European Bank Index just hit new 6-year highs.

There are stocks to own and there are new stocks to buy.

We discussed our strategy and how we want to approach the market heading into the summer months during our LIVE Conference Call this week.

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