New Social Leverage Investment….Commonwealth – Invest In Athletes

New Social Leverage Investment….Commonwealth – Invest In Athletes

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Before I get started, I want to congratulate Phoenix/Scottsdale ‘local legends’ Sam Engel and Brian Blanchard who won the USGA US Amateur 4 ball championship yesterday.

I know them both because these local legends (both amateur status golfers working in software) were members of our Social Leverage Grass League team that came in 5th in the first Grass Clippings tournament. Here they are pictured at both events…


We have been excited about the intersection of amateurs and sports for a while now at Social Leverage (Grass Clippings/Grass League is another investment) and we have made our second investment in this theme/trend in Commonwealth

I met the Brian, the founder, a few years back in Mallorca of all places. He was on his honeymoon I think and I was on a bike trip. My friend Roger Ehrenberg wanted me to meet with him and we both happened to be in the same spot. We met, I liked the product and the whole idea, but we did not invest for a variety of reasons.

We stayed in touch, and in the meantime, the Company had a huge win in backing the Kentucky Derby winner Mage.

CommonWealth is a vibrant community of sports fans who use the investment platform to back their favorite athletes, sports, and teams. Starting in horse racing and expanding soon to Golf and Tennis, the team is focused on making investing in sports as easy as possible.

Brian likes to tell fellow citizens of the ‘degenerate economy’ that yolo bets/investments are now deductible tax losses if you back the wrong athlete.

The team started by dominating in their first sport, horse racing. They had the highest-earning racehorse in the world. They won the Kentucky Derby! They had two of the highest-earning racehorses in America. With their latest funding round, they are expanding to athletes with an initial focus on golf.

Watching sports is fun. But owning a sports team, or a racehorse, or having a financial upside in athletes being successful is even more fun! On top of that, you get to watch live coverage of your investment within the App. You can interact with your investment by attending live events! In addition, you are joining an investment group and becoming part of the community. As sports investments become more and more popular across the world, giving the opportunity for fans to invest as well was an exciting opportunity that Social Leverage wanted to be a part of.

I am a proud owner of Medal of Valor!

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