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[Options Premium] Buying Cheap Volatility on Ebay

It’s been a minute since I’ve bought anything on eBay. But, by the look of the chart, I must be the outlier as it appears there is still good business there and market participants appear to agree.

Here’s what my Analysts had to say about $EBAY in a recent 2 to 100 Club report:

eBay is completing a rounding bottom reversal as it reclaims the 38.2% retracement level. This level has acted as resistance multiple times in the past, making it a great place to define our risk. If this breakout sticks, the primary trend is higher, and we want to be long against the 53 level.

On a relative basis, the stock is working its way higher out of a bearish-to-bullish reversal pattern versus its peers. If the reversal pattern is completed on absolute terms, we expect the stock to outperform its peers over longer timeframes.

We want to buy EBAY above 53, with a target of 64 over the coming 2-4 months.

Here’s a visual of that chart:

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