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Permabears Hate Nashville

I just got back from a weekend in Nashville with my wife.

We had such a great time.

I had never been to Nashville before. It was just one of those places I hadn’t gotten to yet.

But I picked up on the vibes right away, even at the airport before the flight and during the flight itself, which was Thursday night at 10PM.

Everyone was on the same page – “We’re here to party and have a good time”.

This town was built to have fun.

And if you’re not down with that “Party and have a good time” program, then you’re the weird one.

If you think people are getting too rowdy and having too much fun, no one feels bad for you.

Go somewhere else.

Vegas is a lot like that too, I’ve noticed over the years.

If you complain that people are partying too much and having too much fun, for your comfort, everyone there will laugh at your stupidity.

“Leave then, go literally anywhere else. Vegas isn’t for you!”.

Or Nashville for that matter…

Hawaii is a little like that too, particularly in terms of the vibes. All good vibes, maybe a little less partying and a bit more maturity, but still similar in those ways mentioned above.

Permabears would hate Nashville.

Nashville is a bull market town. Everyone is having a good time. And if you’re not enjoying yourself, then that’s on you bro!

Not owning stocks during a bull market is like going to Nashville and not seeing anyone play music!

What the hell are you even doing there?

If you hate music, good people and a fun time, then don’t go to Nashville. You’ll hate it.

Just like if you don’t own stocks during a bull market, then why are you an investor?

What are you even doing?

Now, you can’t just party in Nashville every day like there’s no tomorrow.

You have to give your liver a rest and listen to some music at more tolerable decibels, at least for a little while.

Then you can go back and party in Nashville. Or maybe Vegas. Or Hawaii.

In markets it works the same way. You can’t just always go hard.

You can have some longer-term portfolios that benefit from those secular uptrends, and I certainly do that myself.

But for more short-term and intermediate-term timeframes, letting off the gas a bit at times makes sense.

This is a lesson I had to learn the hard way, after many years of “Partying too much in Nashville”, if you will.

You get market corrections, even during bull markets.

We just saw the Nasdaq fall 8%, with Tech down 10% in Large-caps, and down 14% for Small-cap Tech.

Many other sectors and indexes went sideways for months, without any progress at all.

That happens.

You got a market correction around the August-October period last year as well.

These things happen. Go back and study every bull market in history, and do you know what you’ll find in all of them? Short- to Intermediate-term market corrections.

But that doesn’t change the fact that we’re approaching the 2 year anniversary of this bull market. Remember, the October 2022 bottom gets all the glory.

But the majority of stocks bottomed in June of 2022. By the time the S&P500 and Nasdaq bottomed in Q4 2022, most stocks were already heading higher.

So when people ask me, “Well JC, when does this bull market end?”

While I have no idea when that will be, I can assure you that there will be signs.

The most amount of countries hitting new 52-week highs that we’ve seen in years isn’t one of them.

We also haven’t seen any material expansion in the new lows list.

Mathematically, you cannot have a bear market or any sort of major market correction at all, without the prices of stocks falling.

This is a bull market, and sentiment is no longer the headwind that it was back in February.

Pessimism among investors is back, and so there have been opportunities to buy stocks.

We went over every single one of them this week during our LIVE Conference Call for Premium Members of ASC Research.

There are 3 main groups that have our attention:

1) Gold Mining and Silver Mining Stocks.

2) Growth Stocks above their 2021-2022 peak AND above their December 2023 highs.

3) High short interest / High short ratio stocks.

If you’re like me and you’re busy doing countless other things, and you want all the data and analytics presented for you in an quick and easy to digest way, then having a team of traders and analysts at ASC Research is going to save you time and help make you money.

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See you in there.


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