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There Will Be Winners

When you look at Consumer Discretionary stocks as a group, you think “Wow this is the worst sector on the planet”.

How can there be any winners coming out of here?

But there are. And there always will be.

First, look at the sector itself relative to the S&P500 going out last month at the lowest levels in over 10 years.


But when it comes to the Consumer, there are companies and brands that will do well despite what is happening in the rest of the space.

Take a look at Texas Roadhouse, for example:

And Dick’s Sporting Goods.

These stocks keep hitting new all-time highs:

And they’re not just making new highs on an absolute basis.

They’re outperforming all their peers.

Look at Dicks relative to the rest of Consumer Discretionary:

When it comes to Consumer brands and companies, you often see a ton of bifurcation between the best names and the worst names.

Consumers are a funny bunch like that.

You’ve got huge winners and outperformers, even during bad times. And you’ve got big losers and underperformers, even during the good times.

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