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Who’s Having More Fun Than Kenny Glick?

Nobody is having more fun than Kenny Glick.

He’s found the perfect outlet for combining his myriad passions of risk-taking, education, and entertainment to the benefit of anyone who gets caught in his orbit.

Kenny’s unorthodox path to Wall Street is proof.

In the early 1990s, Kenny was plying his craft as a fledgling standup comedian when he was spotted by a stockbroker who was impressed with his ability to “sling bullshit” onstage. The stockbroker offered him a job on the spot at his firm.

Turns out, the “firm” was a stereotypical Boiler Room that soured Kenny’s opinions of the interworking of investing, which was the early drive to turn him into a self-proclaimed “permabear.”

When one of the senior brokers at the firm told Kenny his nickname was “Mushroom” because he’s kept in the dark and fed shit, he realized he needed to find something better to do.

That something better came while attending a Pearl Jam concert where he met another gentleman who introduced Kenny to the world of day trading NASDAQ stocks. His life would never be the same again.

In our chat, we get into the painful rollercoaster from then until now and why Kenny firmly believes “the market has taught me EVERYthing.”

Please enjoy mine and Steve Strazza’s wide-ranging chat with The Warlock, The Mensch of Mentions, The Edutainer, our friend and soon-to-be yours, Kenny Glick:

Trade ’em Well,

Sean McLaughlin
Chief Options Strategist
All Star Charts, Technical Analysis Research

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