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Jason Krutzky Was Throwing Darts

We’ve all been there.

Think about the time you first got interested in trading. It was exciting thinking about all the potential money we could make.

But then we were quickly overwhelmed with the reality of all the things we didn’t know. Former aspiring traders never made it past this moment. The mountain they had to climb just looked too daunting.

When Jason Krutzky left the road after spending years touring with a rock band through North America and Europe, he decided he wanted to try his hand at full-time trading. “I was just throwing darts and hoping.”

He found inspiration and education on the internet, particularly through pumper discord chat rooms, and predictably he made all the mistakes that bedevil every new trader. It is hard enough learning how to trade, but also trying to wade through the cacophony of voices on the social interwebs to find those he could trust was equally time-consuming.

Sure, he was passionate about wanting to learn. But he also says he was delusional. I think we can all relate to that.

What Jason continues to learn about trading is, as he puts it, “trading is the practice of non-emotion.” This was a hard 180-degree turn for someone who spent his life as a musician pouring his heart and soul into finding and channeling his creative spirit. “Non-emotion” was a foreign concept to him.

But learning to gauge himself and put in hours and hours of screentime is how he finds his edge. “You have to be in it. You have to be living it, breathing it.” If you can’t put in the screen time, you’ll be a failure in no time.

An early adulthood spent on the road as a struggling, traveling musician prepared him to learn a skill such as trading.  How? He learned the confidence to ask for help.

Jason relates some stories of hanging around music clubs in Atlanta, meeting successful musicians, and having the confidence to go up, introduce himself, put a tape in their hands, and ask to be given a listen. When he dipped his toes in the trading world, he utilized this same skill to reach out to other experienced traders, forge relationships and friendships, and find lessons and mentorship this way.

We can all learn to be better at this. Jason shows us how it’s done.

Please enjoy this conversation with a Trader who’s still cutting his teeth in this business. I promise there are nuggets in here that we can all both relate to and learn from:

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