India's Market Boom, Amazon's Innovation, and AI's Impact on Common Knowledge

India's Market Boom, Amazon's Innovation, and AI's Impact on Common Knowledge

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Join us as we explore the booming Indian stock market, Amazon’s innovative strategies against Chinese competition, and how AI is reshaping our understanding of common knowledge. We also dive into Tesla’s recent surge and the potential for big tech companies to unlock value through spin-offs.


(00:00) Introduction and Tour de France
(04:24) Tesla’s recent performance and consumer discretionary stocks
(08:01) Amazon breaking out to new all time highs, and a look at the “Amazon’s” of other countries
(11:50) Nike, Lululemon, Starbucks: taking a hard hit
(13:25) Amazon’s strategy against Chinese e-commerce competition
(17:24) Regulatory challenges for big tech in Europe and the US
(21:41) Potential for big tech spin-offs
(26:06) The history of spin-offs vs. spin-offs today
(30:20) How Goldman’s involved
(30:50) How India is benefitting
(33:00) India’s booming stock market
(36:40) Relative strength and what to expect the next 30 years
(37:41) Specific Indian companies showing promise
(42:15) The growth of cricket and sports investment in India
(44:04) Headlines getting worse, opinions getting dumber… what should we be worried about?
(46:18) AI’s impact on common knowledge
(48:30) “Grift” and the importance of optimism in investing


Michael Parekh is a former Goldman Sachs executive with over 20 years of experience, who now focuses on investing in and analyzing technology trends. He’s known for his deep understanding of semiconductor, internet, and AI industries.

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