This Week on Trends with Friends (June 30th, 2024)

This Week on Trends with Friends (June 30th, 2024)

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Here’s a curated collection of posts shared this week on Trends with Friends.


This week, Howard Lindzon celebrates Beehiiv following its acquisition of Typedream. With the acquisition, the easy-to-use newsletter platform will allow users to create no-code websites. 

Howard writes, 

Today, Tyler and team announced the acquisition of Typedream. Now even coding illeterates like me can create/build a website in minutes. AI drives most of it too. It is a slick product and perfect for the beehiiv customer.

I plan on building my own fresh beehiiv powered website in the next few weeks when the integrations are complete.

Today is a Big Day for JC Parets… it’s the end of the month. Last week, he shared,

If you’re new around here, I will just tell you that there is NOTHING, and I mean absolutely NOTHING, I do that adds more value to my approach than this process of taking a step back and reviewing a list of Monthly Charts.

It’s so easy to get lost in the day to day noise of the markets…. What did the Dow do today? What did the Powell say? Who reported earnings this morning? etc etc…

I have found over the years that it is so important to just stop, take a deep breath, and focus on the direction of the primary trends.

The reason is because asset prices trend. They’re not random. We know this. It’s just a fact.

So if we know for a fact that asset prices trend, don’t you think it would be advantageous to identify the direction of those trends?

As it turns out the answer is an overwhelming YES!

Here’s a good example of the Nasdaq going back 25 years.

The trend here is not down.

Click here to view more monthly charts.

Ted Merz’s first job after college was as a reporter at the Mexico City News. This week, Ted returned to Mexico City and shares an inside look at his early life. 

He writes, 

Returning to Mexico this time, I’m struck by the cumulative weight of change.

I can’t help be astounded that a place I associated with manual typewriters and Linotype machines has been replaced with cafes of digital nomads on laptops.

It’s one of the opportunities and pleasures of returning to a place you knew as a much younger person.

You get to see how it’s all different while knowing that underneath there’s a layer that is in many ways the same.

Merz’s latest is a must read.

Michael Parekh previews AI regulatory headwinds, conversation chatbots, “digital twins,” Apple’s AI advance and more in his AI Weekly Summary. 

Stay up to date with AI here.

Here’s a look at Charlie Bilello’s Chart of the Day S&P 500 Tech Sector vs. S&P 500. 

Charlie writes, 

The US Tech sector has trounced everything else in the last decade, up 706% versus a 237% gain for the S&P 500 (note: total returns). Its relative strength versus the broad market hit a new record high this month, surpassing the prior high from March 2000.

Put Down Your Phone,” is Tadas Viskanta’s theme for this week’s linkfest. Here’s a sneak peek. 

Trends With No Friends sifts through the noise and discovers stocks above $1B market cap with high relative strength and low social following.

The publication shares 52-Week Highs and Lows sorted by followers on Stocktwits. 

Why is high relative strength and low social following important?

Stocks that are outperforming tend to continue to outperform. Stocks that have a low social following are, by definition, undiscovered by the crowd. Stocks that have both Relative Strength and Low Social Following can really outperform as more investors discover them.

This week, Trends with No Friends featured… 

Credo Technology Group ($CRDO), Glaukos ($GKOS), FTAI Aviation ($FTAI), RXO Inc ($RXO), Ryan Specialty ($RYAN) and more. 

Click the link to subscribe.

And in case you missed it… Howard Lindzon, Phil Pearlman and JC Parets are joined by Michael Parekh. This week, the team reviews AI’s value stack, the future of tech, how big cap tech will leverage AI, Tesla’s AI ambitions and more in the latest episode of Trends with Friends. Tune in today.

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