Array Sets At A 2-Year Low

Array Sets At A 2-Year Low

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Trends With No Friends sifts through the noise and discovers stocks above $1B market cap with high relative strength and low Stocktwits following.

Why is this combination important?

Stocks that are outperforming tend to continue to outperform. Stocks that have a low Stocktwits following are, by definition, undiscovered by the crowd. Stocks that have both Relative Strength and Low Stocktwits Following can really outperform as more investors discover them.

They are ripe to rip.

Markets were muted. The Nasdaq Composite advanced +0.49%. The Russell 2000 tumbled -0.21%.

Consumer discretionary gained +1.45%. Energy dipped -0.98%. Financials and utilities fell approx. -0.50%.

New 52-Week Lows led New Highs — 56 vs. 41.

The Worst of the Worst

Array Technologies ($ARRY) is the worst of the worst. The solar semiconductor company stumbled -2.99% and closed at its lowest price since May 2022.

Here’s the daily chart.

And weak weekly chart.

$ARRY has 13,071 followers on Stocktwits.

The Best of the Best

Glaukos Corporation ($GKOS) is the best of the best. The ophthalmic pharmaceutical and medical technology company carried +3.69% and closed at an all-time high.

Here’s the daily chart.

And weekly chart.

$GKOS has 803 followers on Stocktwits.

52-Week Lows

52-Week Highs

See the spreadsheet here.

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