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Asset Allocation, Momentum Trading, & Recession-Resilient Portfolios | Ryan Detrick (Carson Group)

This week we’re joined by old friend Ryan Detrick. As Chief Market Strategist at Carson Group, Ryan leverages over two decades of financial expertise to guide the firm’s investment strategies. He co-hosts the popular “Facts vs Feelings” investing podcast and holds the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation. In this week’s episode we talk about:

  • How the Carson Group approaches the allocation of assets

  • Advice for young people on getting into investing

  • The rise of momentum trading and why you should tread carefully

  • Breadth expansion and sector rotation

  • Why Ryan is bullish on small caps

  • The current state of private markets

  • Inflation and rate cuts, and what it means for the market

  • Why you should consider becoming a Charted Marketing Technician (CMT)

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(00:00) Welcome banter
(02:41) About our guest Ryan Detrick
(03:59) Q4 of 2022: Why Ryan was and continues to be bullish
(06:01) How the Carson Group approaches asset allocation
(09:13) Advice for young people on getting into investing 
(13:30) Stocktoberfest
(15:35) Making sense of momentum trading 
(18:15) Why you need to tread carefully with momentum ETFs
(21:50) What Ryan is looking for: credit spreads and advanced decline lines
(23:50) What JC is looking for: a group of stocks leading a downturn
(25:46) Breadth expansion and sector rotation
(27:15) Fundamental analysis and trends
(29:28) Industrials vs consumer discretionary 
(32:07) Don’t fight papa DOW
(34:52) Trust the data not the headlines
(38:00) Why Ryan is bullish on small and mid caps 
(41:24) The volatility of rates and what it means for the market 
(42:50) The state of private markets  
(46:15) Charted Marketing Technician (CMT)
(50:48) Inflation and rate cuts
(55:13) Productivity
(57:35) Thanks for listening

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