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“It’s Only The High End Consumer”

I’m being told that the Consumer is dead and can’t afford anything.

That’s why “it’s only the high end retail” that is doing so well….

Take Williams-Sonoma for instance. It’s harder to afford the things they sell at this place:

But if that’s true, and it is only the wealthy who can afford to spend money, then why are Amazon and Walmart doing so well.

Do only wealthy people shop at Amazon and Walmart?

Or are Amazon and Walmart a much better gauge for the average American consumer?

Either way, it doesn’t actually matter.

The people who can’t afford to put money to work in the stock market are obviously not the ones who are driving the stock market higher.

It’s not about what the people without any money are doing.

The only thing that actually matters is what the people with money to put to work are doing?

Is that money flowing into stocks? Or bonds? Or other alternatives?

Friday was the last trading day of the 2nd quarter.

Both the S&P500 and Nasdaq100 went out at their highest quarterly close in history, for the 3rd consecutive quarter.

The trends here are not down.

You can pretend it’s fake and it’s not real money, and the fed, and the yield curve, and the sequester or the taper or whatever it is that is scaring you away from profiting.

But for those of you interested in taking advantage of this bull market, we’ve been buying stocks and we’ll be buying more this week.

There are more opportunities out there right now than at any point since last October.

We’ll be going over which stocks and sectors we want to be in, which areas we want to avoid, and we’ll lay out each trade with ideal entry and target levels.

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