LaDuc Trading Edge Podcast – My Weekly Webinar – 6/19/24

LaDuc Trading Edge Podcast – My Weekly Webinar – 6/19/24

In this short clip from Macro EDGE Roundup recorded on 06/18/2024 (available to EDGE members), Samantha LaDuc and Craig Shapiro discuss the potential causes and implications of a yield on the 10-year treasury bond falling and remaining below 4.2%. 

They explore various economic indicators and scenarios that might influence bond prices, including a potential economic slowdown, inflation rates, and Federal Reserve actions. Additionally, Samantha mentions the role of geopolitical and market events in shaping the bond market’s movements.

00:00 Reasons For Breaking Below 4.2% And Staying There 

00:38 Economic Slowdown And Market Reactions 

01:37 Economic Indicators And Market Expectations 

02:56 Yield Differential And Market Dynamics 

03:29 Current Economic Trends 

04:29 Economic Slowdown Speculation 

04:45 Market Observations And Predictions 

05:41 Fed’s Market Influence 

06:32 Impact Of Liquidity On The Bond Market 

07:43 Small Caps Market Trends 

08:46 Treasury General Account And Market Liquidity 

09:38 Global Economic Trends And Fiscal Policies 

10:35 Market Volatility And Regulatory Changes 

11:36 European And Chinese Economic Conditions 

12:21 US Political Landscape And Upcoming Events 

13:16 Political Debates And Implications 

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