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[Options] Don’t Hate. Participate.

We’re taking what the market is giving us.

Recently, some of the best opportunities have been in the mega-cap space. Look at recent gains in Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

People like to complain that “all” the gains are being concentrated in fewer and fewer names at the top of the pyramid. Why is that a bad thing? We can trade those names, can’t we? And why wouldn’t we?

In the past week, I’ve added more exposure in my portfolio to this area.

Related to the tail (big caps) that wags the dog (the market), isn’t this true of our own history of trades?

Don’t our small handful of large winners account for the lion’s share of our total gains? And don’t 80% (or more) of the rest just result in a net wash?

Kind of like the S&P 500, no?

Don’t hate. Participate.

We discuss all this and more in this week’s Jam Session:

Sean McLaughlin | Chief Options Strategist, All Star Charts

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