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Playing Defense In This Market

The U.S. Industrials sector represents one of the most important groups of stocks in the entire market.

So with new all-time highs in the S&P500 and Russell3000, then why are Industrials, who historically have the highest correlation with these indexes, not able to keep up?

Industrials are actually down over the past 3 months.

But the Aerospace & Defense stocks, that fall within the category of Industrials, continue to hit new all-time highs.

This is Relative Strength:

I would encourage you to go through all the stocks in Aerospace & Defense. There are relative leaders and huge winners coming out of this group.

Many of the $ITA components have been hitting new all-time highs. But an interesting new development is this multi-year base breakout in RTX Corp, formerly known as Raytheon:

There are large-cap stocks, as well as names further down the cap scale, in Aerospace & Defense that can be added to a portfolio right here, right now.

We discussed our favorite names during last week’s LIVE Conference Call.

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Get Wealthy, Not Angry

Certain well-connected people have access to information not yet reflected in a given publicly traded company’s share price.

Existing law allows them to trade on that information.

That’s fine with us.

We know how to use their insider status to our advantage.

Here’s how we do it.


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