Powerful Newsletters AND Powerful Websites….beehiiv Doing It All …Now Howie Town Is Going AI Too

Powerful Newsletters AND Powerful Websites….beehiiv Doing It All …Now Howie Town Is Going AI Too

11thEstate is a Social Leverage Fund IV Investment

In 2023, public companies have settled a whopping $8.1 billion with investors. However, 75% of shareholders haven’t claimed their payouts!

11thEstate identifies relevant settlements and recoveries, handles all the paperwork, and delivers the payouts automatically.

Collect investor settlements with 11thEstate today!

For Individuals and Enterprises

Good evening…summer heatwave has me woozy so I am writing/sharing late tonight.

You are getting double dosed with our portfolio companies today with the header ad being the awesome 11th Estate promo placement. If you own stocks you will love the ‘free money’ you get from just signing up and connecting your brokerage accounts. Literally magic and silly that the incumbent behemoths in fintech have been lazy solving this massive opportunity/problem for customers.

Onward to beehiiv

I love beehiiv because I use beehiiv and was one of the first people to offer Tyler (the founder) feedback and move my large email list over.

Tens of thousands of newsletters now rely/trust and are in love with the product and bazillions of newsletters get delivered daily. Stocktwits too sends millions of emails daily published using beehiiv.

I talk to Tyler often about strategy (a rare board I sit on) and one of my first worries and requests of moving from WordPress was my ability to make my newsletter feel like a website/home. Tyler said it would eventually be solved and I trusted in the roadmap.

Today, Tyler and team announced the acquisition of Typedream. Now even coding illeterates like me can create/build a website in minutes. AI drives most of it too. It is a slick product and perfect for the beehiiv customer.

I plan on building my own fresh beehiiv powered website in the next few weeks when the integrations are complete.

Tyler gives the full backstory in his newsletter.

Practical AI like this is more exciting to me than ‘search AI’.

Have a good evening.


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