RXO Rips To An All-Time High

RXO Rips To An All-Time High

Good evening. Welcome to Trends with No Friends.

For those just joining us, here’s an overview…

Trends With No Friends sifts through the noise and discovers stocks above $1B market cap with high relative strength and low Stocktwits following.

Why is this combination important?

Stocks that are outperforming tend to continue to outperform. Stocks that have a low Stocktwits following are, by definition, undiscovered by the crowd. Stocks that have both Relative Strength and Low Stocktwits Following can really outperform as more investors discover them.

They are ripe to rip.

Stocks were mixed. The Nasdaq Composite stumbled -1.09%. The Dow jumped +0.67%.

Energy advanced +1.70%. Financials and utilities gained more than +0.50%. Tech tumbled -2.62%.

New 52-Week Highs led New Lows — 83 vs. 10.

The Best of the Best

RXO Inc ($RXO) is the best of the best. The transportation solutions provider propelled +22.96% after it announced the acquisition of Coyote Logistics From UPS. At closing, RXO will be the 3rd largest brokered transportation provider in North America.

$RXO closed at an all-time high.

Here’s the daily chart.

And weekly chart.

$RXO has 124 followers on Stocktwits.

The Worst of the Worst

BlackBerry ($BB) is the worst of the worst. The mobile phone enterprise software company cratered -1.74% and closed at its lowest price since April 2003.

$BB is set to report earnings Tuesday, June 25, 2024 after market close.

Here’s the daily chart.

And 3M chart.

$BB has 139,319 followers on Stocktwits.

52-Week Highs

52-Week Lows

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