Sunday Reads And Listens…Does Nvidia Winning Mean The End Of The Boom? and My Stand-Up Career Is Over Before It Began…Again!

Sunday Reads And Listens…Does Nvidia Winning Mean The End Of The Boom? and My Stand-Up Career Is Over Before It Began…Again!

Happy Sunday…

I spent a lot of time with Max and his friends the last week. All my spare time was at the San Diego Country Club golf course watching or playing golf with them. It is a treat to play with them and they treat me like one of the guys

Max is the only one in his San Diego group of friends not paying college golf or not turning pro to try and make it on the tour – my count is 7 of them hanging out.

I have watched all these kids grow up with Max and they are good!

This weekend Jackson Moss one of his closest pals qualified to the last stage of qualifiers for the US Amateur. There was an 11 player playoff on a 486 yard Par 4 over water for the last 5 spots. They had to play the hole 3 times to get down to the last 5 and that was after shooting -1.


Today I will start with some listens and watches…

For the last three years I have been putting together a stand-up routine that would be a compilation of pitch decks, stories and the behavior of founders and investors from my years as a seed investor. A friend shared with me that Conner O’Malley is already doing that. It is very funny and original and at least I was right in my direction…

Last night I watched ‘Stevie Van Zandt’s’ documentary on HBO. It was excellent. His career has been incredible.

On the podcast front, Woody Harrelson and Ted Danson both joined Conan for some great stories. I was such a huge fan of Cheers as a kid.

Next up…

I doubt history repeats, but to ignore Nvidia winning at historical rates, might be negligent. The last time a tech leader did what Nvidia is doing, the top was in. The hogs are feeding so I think you should be aware. Thanks Jon Krinsky at BTIG for the great charts/data here.

Charlie’s week in charts is always excellent as well.

More tomorrow in Momentum Monday.

On the shopping front

I am excited to try out a 3D printed cycling helmet from KAV. I got the pitch from the CEO and it is pretty amazing (you have to get a lot of government safety approvals of course). Mine is on order. The startup’s factory is right in California.

I am a personal investor in a UK company – Ventete – that is about to launch a micro-collapsible helmet. It will be great for city commuters.

On the crypto front…

Where are we in the cycle?

Finally…I enjoyed this read on ‘misinformation’ …specifically ‘How Dangerous Is It?

Have a great Sunday.

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