Sunday Reads and Listens…If I Ran The Fed, The Kings of Influence and Luxury and The Degenerate Economy Is Mainstream

Sunday Reads and Listens…If I Ran The Fed, The Kings of Influence and Luxury and The Degenerate Economy Is Mainstream

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Happy Sunday everyone…

The Tour De France started yesterday in Florence (for the first time). The first day was 12,000 feet of climbing and the winning time was five hours. For perspective, I ride all the time and my toughest ride of the last eight years was 6,000 feet of climbing and 5 hours.

Speaking of France, Bloomberg covers LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault – The King Of Luxury’ – (use this secret link for paywalls).

Speaking of Bloomberg and more paywalls and rich as f@# influential election billionaires, meet Jeff Yass – (use this secret link for paywall)

The latest influencer and China scam…dropshipping.

I coined ‘Degenerate Economy’ here in the newsletter last year. This weekend, Barron’s had their play on words with it as their cover story. The story is not ‘what can go wrong’’. The story is how do parents raise kids in this era and how will young people learn to manage their lives in this economy. We are all in the experiment.

Speaking of degeneracy…Stocktwits Litepaper (free daily crypto newsletter) had a quick read on the ‘Rise and Fall of Mt. Gox’ which was excellent.

Back to back…speaking of degeneracy…it costs $5,000 a year to insure the Tesla Cybertrtuck. I think anyone that owns a cybertruck should have to wear a sign around their neck saying Elon Punked ME.

Finally…a few podcast/videos…

Josh and Michael talk with Jeremy Siegel – ‘If I Ran The Fed’.

Michael Batnick and Downtown Josh Brown are joined by Professor Jeremy Siegel, the Russell E. Palmer Professor of Finance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and Jeremy Schwartz, CIO of Wisdom Tree, to discuss: Professor Siegel’s legendary book Stocks for the Long Run, what the Fed should do next, the best way to beat inflation, the housing market, AI stocks vs the tech bubble, what happened to small caps, and much more!

Last but not least, Ellen and I listened to Conan converse with Susie Essman (yes that Susie from Curb Your Enthusiasm) and it was a very fun listen. She confirms that Larry loves to be yelled at…

Have a great Sunday.

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