The 'Advanced' Degenerate Economy – Alpaca Is Building For You!

The 'Advanced' Degenerate Economy – Alpaca Is Building For You!

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Good evening from London.

Before I get started on the ‘advanced’ degenerate economy progress…

Max and I headed out to Wimbledon again today. On the way we learned that Djokovic would not have to play as his opponent was injured. Good for Djokovoic bad for Max and I who do not get a redo.

The sun did break though and the dome was open. Only in England do they cheer at a tennis match when the sun breaks out.

On the way home on a crowded subway a young man offered me his seat.

My immediate thought was…’How rude! I mean yesterday I sat in my seat for four hours holding in a pee during the epic Medvedev/Sinner match.’ Epic prostate control!

I looked around the subway car to see if everyone was laughing at me only to see I was indeed the oldest fart. Good on him. So I thanked him and took the damn seat!

Max laughed and said – ‘You have to tweet that!’ I might, but I share it with you here first.

In the spirit of being old, tonight I took Ellen to see ‘Fawlty Towers’ the play which was really funny if you are of a certain age and appreciate silly British humor (I grew up on this and ‘Second City’ in Toronto)…and ‘do not mention the war!’

Now to the ‘degenerate economy’ advancements…

Alpaca is a fund 3 Social Leverage portfolio company that allows people and companies to build brokerage services with API’s. In web 2.0 english (howie speak)…they are here to help 10,000 Robinhood’s bloom.

The business is growing fast and the product offerings are accelerating as the investing and trading world continues to grow.

A few months back they launched US options trading to global investors and today they launched ‘Alpaca Elite’ low cost advanced-algorithmic trading with white glove support.

These are really fantastic product launches that bring US equities and options to the global investing and trading community.

As Bill Blazejowski said….’feed mayo to the tuna!’

Have a great rest of the day.

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