TwF — Decoding AI's value stack and the future of tech | Michael Parekh (ex-Goldman Sachs, tech investor)

TwF — Decoding AI's value stack and the future of tech | Michael Parekh (ex-Goldman Sachs, tech investor)

Michael Parekh is a former Goldman Sachs partner/executive with over 20 years of experience, who now focuses on investing in and analyzing technology trends. He’s known for his deep understanding of semiconductor, internet, and AI industries. We’re excited to have him back as our first 2x guest on the show. Together we cover:

  • The AI tech value stack and its implications for investors

  • How companies like Apple and Amazon are leveraging AI 

  • The role of data in the AI revolution

  • How Apple is positioning itself in the AI race

  • The potential of AI in healthcare and personal wellness

  • The future of Tesla and its AI ambitions

  • “Health with a capital H” (traditional healthcare) vs. “health with a small h” (wellness and preventive care)

  • Why you shouldn’t overlook small-cap stocks, particularly in the financial sector

  • The rise of Chinese EV manufacturers and their potential impact on the global market

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(00:00) Welcome banter
(01:50) Stocktoberfest
(04:25) Michael Parekh
(05:12) How to model and understand the value stack
(10:50) Data is changing the game
(14:30) Social relative data
(15:20) Will health be the next big trend?
(18:30) How Apple turned AI on it’s head
(24:30) This is just the beginning
(25:46) Should you bet on Amazon?
(35:25) The future of personal health data
(39:28) Amazon’s multi-billion dollar acquisitions 
(40:55) Health: after we’re sick vs. before we’re sick
(43:29) Life360 
(45:59) Bitcoin vs Gold
(49:29) Solana
(51:05) We’ve reached grift exhaustion
(54:00) Consumer discretionary
(56:14) Tesla’s AI Strategy
(01:00:43) Small caps
(01:02:55) Trends with NO Friends
(01:05:30) Health tips with Phil
(01:09:41) Closing thoughts

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