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What’s This Chart Telling Us?

This chart really stood out to me this week.

We just saw the Australian Dollar vs the Japanese Yen close at the highest levels since 2007.

So why investors care about the Aussie/Yen cross?

Because look how it trades with commodities…

You’ve seen Cocoa futures screaming higher.

Gold is hitting new all-time highs.

And Dr. Copper is now on the verge of a historic breakout.

The Aussie/Yen ripping higher is not a bad thing for commodities.

It’s also not necissarily a bad thing for equities either.

Look at the S&P500 going out at new all-time highs:

Look around.

A lot of people are getting very upset that the S&P500 is hitting new all-time highs.

They’re looking for a market correction.

But we already got one of those. The Median stock is down this year.

All the Small-cap Indexes are down this year.

Consumer Discretionary has been underperforming all year.

Industrials have gone nowhere over the past 15 weeks.

Financials have done the same – flat since early March.

Remember all the bullish sentiment in February? That’s been wiped out too.

So where have the people looking for a correction been this whole time?

We’ve seen the correction.

And now we’re getting rotation.

Sector rotation is the lifeblood of a bull market. My bet is that this cycle is just like all those others.

We discussed exactly what we’re buying and how we’re positioning ourselves for the rest of the summer and heading into the Election.

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There’s a lot happening right now. There are more opportunities from the long side today than any time since last October.

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The Art of Informed Trading

I think we’ve mastered it.

There’s more to turning an information risk into an information edge than blindly jumping in just because an insider backed up their truck.

But Strazza is our secret weapon: His process tells us when to enter an inside trade for maximum gain.

We talked about it in a live Momentum Master Class for Hot Corner Insiders on Thursday.

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