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You Buy Stocks In Bull Markets

Stocks needed a correction.

And they got it.

Most stocks haven’t made much progress since the middle of Q1. It’s now July. They’ve been through a much needed digestion of prior gains.

Remember how epic that rally in Q4 was last year? And then it spilled over into January and early February this year.

But then came the correction.

A good look here is the Equally-weighted Nasdaq100 going out at new all-time highs on Friday, after 4 months of no progress:

You buy stocks in bull markets.

That’s how I learned it.

And more specifically, we want to own the leaders.

Leaders are going to lead. Winners are going to win.

And the 2-to-100 Club is a great way to get exposure in the middle of a bull market.

These are the types of sectors and industry groups that can scale quickly to $100 Billion in market-cap.

Here’s this week’s list:

You can read all the details about how we create the 2-to-100 Club here.

But the first thing we do is nail down the right sectors and industry groups to only the types of stocks that can actually scale quickly to $100 Billion.

And then we sort by the strongest ones.

Here’s Reddit breaking out and closing the week at new all-time highs:

There are a bunch of interesting names on the 2-to-100 Club list this week.

But this RDDT is popping off on our 2-to-100 AND on our Short Squeeze list.

We love it when the same names keep showing up on various scans.

They’re all pointing to a buy. And the trade is already working.

Check out the full 2-to-100 Club here.

And we discussed several more names that need to be front and center right now during our LIVE Conference Call this week.

Premium Members make sure to check out the video replay here, download all the charts and review each of the trade ideas.


How To Ride This Supercycle

We’re in the early innings of a commodities supercycle, but most investors aren’t prepared for it.

We have the data, and we know what’s inside Americans’ portfolios.

It’s not gold, and it’s not energy, and that’s a huge catalyst.

Rick Rule and I cover everything you need to know right now about precious metals, oil and gas, and other critical commodities.

Click here to check out that conversation.

As always, if you have any questions about recent price action and what’s happening with markets right now, you can always drop us an email.



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